Buying A Pharmacy?

When buying a pharmacy you will encounter new and difficult challenges. We are here to help you through the difficult decisions when it comes to Technology and Marketing. ConfigRX has years of experience evaluating and managing pharmacy technology and marketing.

We understand the risk you are taking, buying a pharmacy is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. We are your partners through the journey. We have helped new pharmacy owners understand their technology and marketing before, during and after purchasing a pharmacy. Take a look at our services below.

Pharmacy IT Audit

Technology evolves quickly. When buying a pharmacy your IT equipment, telecom and cabling is usually outdated and isn’t very efficient. Our IT Audit service travels to your pharmacy and does a thorough audit of your technology equipment, telecom, cabling, security and network. We perform network and computer stress-tests on the equipment and make recommendations from the results. Our goal of the audit is to evaluate the current IT equipment and make recommendations to allow your pharmacy to reduce downtime, find cost-savings and create an efficient pharmacy workflow.

You can’t grow a business without customers, and customers rely on your technology to take care of them and their prescriptions. They want and expect a seamless experience, regardless of whether they’re calling into the pharmacy, checking out at the point of sale, or refilling a script themselves. Conducting an IT audit will help you understand what pain points might exist for your customer and staff during these interactions.

An IT Audit is recommended to anyone looking to purchase a pharmacy, experiencing slow computer or network speeds, think they are overpaying for telecom, looking to improve workflow efficiency, switching pharmacy software or point of sale systems. ConfigRX has been auditing pharmacy technology for over 6 years and we are specific to independent pharmacies.

Logo, Website and Marketing

When purchasing a pharmacy you are either keeping the pharmacy name or you are changing it to something else. ConfigRX has been helping pharmacies with this transition for years. Either way you want to make sure your logo, website and marketing is current and effective.

If you are keeping the pharmacy name, logo and website the same you will want to make sure you take ownership of all of these. We recommend you have the logo in vector format for future changes and you receive the Pantone colors for the logo. The website domain and hosting will need to be transferred to you, and you will need to have full control of the website.

If you are changing the name of the pharmacy you are purchasing you will need to come up with a logo, website and marketing plan. ConfigRX specializes in logo and websites for pharmacies. We work with you to create an effective logo, website and marketing plan. You can see our logo work here and our website work here.

Managed IT Services

Technology is unpredictable yet pharmacies rely on it everyday to operate their pharmacy. ConfigRX helps make the unpredictable predictable. Our Managed IT Services monitors your technology 24/7 and we catch problems before they occur. We help prevent downtime due to technology as we make sure your pharmacy is running as efficient as possible. Our managed service is like having a full time IT person on staff while only paying a fraction of the salary. Learn more about our Managed IT Service here.