Protect your pharmacy with increased uptime and eliminate downtime. Cellular backup internet is available almost anywhere for only $79.99/mo.

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Avoid dreaded downtime when your pharmacies primary internet fails with 4G/5G Backup Internet. Continue to process insurance claims, run credit cards at checkout, resume your workflow and more.


Cellular backup is designed to provide a backup internet for when your pharmacies primary internet goes down. The device works with local cell towers to bring cellular internet service to your pharmacy software, eliminating downtime.

The device comes pre-configured and makes installation simple and quick; just place the device in your building near your router and give us a call, setup usually takes 20 minutes. If your primary internet goes down the cellular device will automatically kick on and alert you via e-mail that you are on your wireless backup.

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Multi-Carrier connectivity no matter your location. Robust High-Speed Wireless Everywhere. Harness the power of lightning-fast connectivity.

Remote Locations

Coverage for pharmacies in remote parts of the country.

Business Continuity

Continue your pharmacy workflow during outages in the area.

Fast Online Speeds

Average speeds are 20MB down and 10 upload.

One Monthly Cost

Service starts at $79.95/mo for 1GB of data, usually plenty.


Service is $79.95/mo with 1GB data per month for a 1 year term. Worried about data usage? Most pharmacies can use very little data if they are aware they are using their backup internet. Limiting listening to music or videos and only allowing pharmacy related applications will help keep data usage low while on the backup internet solution. If you do go over your monthly limit each GB is only $20. A typical pharmacy will never go over 1GB of data per month when used as a backup service. The backup service will alert the user they are using their backup internet via e-mail once the primary internet goes offline.


Below are some of the common questions we get asked about the failover service.

Q. My pharmacy is in a rural area with slow internet, will this help me?

A. Yes, this backup solution can be
utilized almost anywhere in the USA. We encourage you to learn more about selecting the right primary internet provider here.

Q. How much will this cost my pharmacy?

A. Service is $79.95/mo with 1GB
of data per month. Most pharmacies will not use over 1GB a month if they are aware they are on their backup.

Q. Is this fast internet?

A. Yes. Average speed is 20Mbps
download speed and 10Mpbs upload.

Q. Will this work with my router?

A. Yes this can work as a secondary
WAN connection or simply replace
your primary internet modem when
it is in downtime.

Q. Will this provide internet to my entire pharmacy network?

A. Yes, this device provides internet
to your entire pharmacy.

Q. What cellular providers does the failover use?

A. Usually the strongest provider in
the area.

Q. Why does my pharmacy need this?

A. The answer is obvious. Your
pharmacy simply can’t afford to be

You’re patients don’t care if your internet is having issues. Eliminate downtime and stay connected with LTE cellular backup internet for your entire pharmacy network.