Technology in the independent pharmacy world explained.

ConfigRX discusses the different pieces and devices of technology used in an independent pharmacy. Pharmacies rely on technology to keep their workflow running efficiently. We take a look at each devices role in the pharmacy and how to use them correctly to get the most out of your technology.

Alarm Systems

Every year there are over 8,000 pharmacy break-ins per year! A pharmacy alarm system is different than most business and residential systems. Your alarm should be armed and disarmed on your phone. Here are a few tips:

Security Cameras

Cameras should be installed in every pharmacy. They can be used for more than just security. All pharmacy owners should be able to view their cameras on their smart phones to check on staff as well as for audit purposes.

Phone System

When it comes to a phone system for your pharmacy it comes down to two options. A traditional phone system or a VOIP phone system. There are advantages and disadvantages of both. We take a look at both of them.

Phone Provider

Whether it’s AT&T, Verizon, Ring Central or Spectrum you need a reliable phone service for your pharmacy. Make sure you are not overpaying for service and your service should offer call forwarding for emergency situations or power outages.

Pharmacy IVR

IVR’s are a great way to reduce the workload of your staff. Let the IVR handle refill requests when the store is open and while it is closed. The IVR also can be used for outbound marketing communications. We explore uses of an IVR in a pharmacy.

Fax Machine

Fax machines still play a large role in a pharmacy. Prescribers and residential facilities still rely on this technology. We take a look at the uses of a fax machine in pharmacy as well as fax servers for busier pharmacies.

Network Devices

A pharmacies network consists of many different pieces and we go over each of these network devices including routers, firewalls, switches, modems, and the compliance for each of them when used in a pharmacy enviroment.

Internet Service

A pharmacies internet should be a reliable provider with 99.999% uptime. If the pharmacies internet is down so is the pharmacy. We always recommend a backup connection via air card, DSL or coax connection.


Choosing the computers used in your pharmacy play a large role in how efficient your pharmacy is. Choosing the system is crucial and you have options – you don’t have to buy computers from your pharmacy software company.


Printers are everywhere in a pharmacy. Usually your labels will come out on a thermal printer and your monographs and images will print on a laser printer. We will take a look at both and discuss how printers are used in the workflow.


Having quick and reliable document and barcode scanners are help ensure a smooth a pharmacy workflow. Everything needs to be scanned into the pharmacy system so quick accurate scanners are a must-have for any pharmacy.