Pharmacy IT Audit for
Independent Pharmacies

ConfigRx brings our knowledge and expertise in Pharmacy to each client, we travel on-site to your pharmacy to audit your technology.  We have audited, setup and managed 20 store chains as well as single store pharmacies. Our clients include retail pharmacies, long term care pharmacies, compounding pharmacies and more.

If you are looking to purchase a pharmacy or you are a pharmacy owner that is looking to update their technology you are in the right place. We work with you on a plan that evaluates your current technology and recommend technology updates to reduce downtime, find cost-savings and create an efficient pharmacy workflow. Conducting an IT audit will help you understand what pain points might exist for your customer and staff during these interactions.

Below are some of the services we offer in our IT audit.

Computer, Printer and Scanner Audit

Out of date workstations or poorly configured workstations can cause a huge headache to anyone trying to use them. We evaluate your hardware and determine if it just needs a stick of RAM or if replacing the computer, printer or scanner would be the better option. We provide you a detailed list of every piece of equipment with the specs, life expectancy, compatibility and more.  A hardware audit is for anyone who is buying a pharmacy, changing pharmacy systems, or just want to improve their pharmacy workflow.

Internet, Phone, and IVR Audit

Are you paying too much for your internet and phone? Do you have enough bandwidth to support your pharmacy software system? Are you still on a traditional phone system when you should be on a VOIP system? Are you using your IVR correctly to connect with your customers? These are some of the questions we ask when we evaluate a pharmacies telecom. We specialize in saving you money on your telecom bills while updating your pharmacies technology.

Cabling and Wiring Audit

How old is the data cabling in your pharmacy?  Can your old cabling support newer technology? Are you losing connectivity to the internet, pharmacy system, or just a slow connection overall? Old cabling is usually to blame. If you havne’t updated your cabling in years or you are buying a pharmacy you really need to take a look at your network and voice cabling.  We come on-site to test your cabling to ensure a secure, fast and efficient pharmacy network.

Network and Cyber Security Audit

Many people think small businesses like an independent pharmacy isn’t vulnerable to a cyber attack as a larger business would be. However it’s the opposite, 90% of cyber attacks target small businesses.. Small businesses are actually targeted a lot more than a large business because the security is usually very simple, outdated or non-existent. Pharmacies not only have valuable drugs but they also have very valuable patient data that can be used in identity theft for cyber criminals. Most small businesses dedicate very little if any money to securing their networks. We evaluate your current network and cyber security and make recommendations to secure your pharmacy.

Alarms and Cameras Audit

Criminals love older tech. For a criminal, older technology is a real advantage. It means they have already seen and have already figured out any weakness it may have. Did you know you can check your pharmacy cameras and alarms directly from your mobile smart phone and you will probably save money by doing it compared to what you are currently paying for your security? Security systems have evolved very quickly and most pharmacies are still on ancient security systems with landlines and wires which are vulnerable to being cut and disabled by criminals. We evaluate your security and placement of cameras, sensors, alarm pads etc.. and make recommendations based on our experience.

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