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Save money every month by switching to a VOIP phone service with ConfigRX. This is a FREE service offered by ConfigRX.

save money

Most pharmacy owners are overpaying for their phone service every month. We help owners save $50-200 every month on their phone service.


VOIP phone systems work over the internet which makes them available anywhere there is an internet connection present. We have helped owners in large cities as well as rural areas save money every month on their phone bill by switching to a VOIP phone system that will work with their IVR system.

VOIP phone systems allows your pharmacy to scale up or scaled down with very little cost. The system is managed in the cloud and can be managed remotely from anywhere.


The average VOIP service is about $21 per line/user. Most owners are paying at least $35+ currently for older phone lines. There are also some cool features like call recording, 3way calling,  call tracking, remote and emergency call forwarding, text to voice and more with VOIP phone systems. There is no hefty phone system to buy. VOIP systems only need the handsets that sit on the pharmacy bench, everything is setup and managed in the cloud by the VOIP provider.

With ConfigRX we offer our switch to VOIP service FREE of charge. We simply put you in contact with the correct VOIP system that works with your IVR, workflow and pharmacy system as well as pass our exclusive partner rates onto you.

we pass our discounted partner rates onto you

ConfigRX has partnered with the larger VOIP providers to bring you partner level pricing. We provide our switch to VOIP service FREE of charge. Some of our partners include: Spectrum, Xfinity, AT&T, 8×8, Ring Central, Frontier, COX Communications, Vonage and more!


Below are some of the common questions we get asked about the VOIP service. To learn more about VOIP visit our Phone System for Pharmacies page.

Q. What does VOIP mean?

A. VOIP is short for voice over internet protocol. This service uses your existing internet connection to place phone calls instead of requiring a separate line from the phone company.

Q. How much will this cost my pharmacy?

A. VOIP service is on average $21 per line/user. Each handset counts as a user. So if your pharmacy has 5 handsets you can expect to pay $21×5 every month.

Q. Will this work with my IVR system?

A. Yes, most IVR systems are compatible with VOIP services and actually prefer working with VOIP over tranditional phone systems.

Q. What will I need to purchase?

A. You will need to purchase the desk handset devices and nothing else. Those are about $130/each. Sometimes you can older models at no cost.

Q. How is the call quality on VOIP?

A. VOIP has the best call quality than any other system. The call goes over the internet not a phone line so the connection is usually crystal clear and HD.

Q. Why have I not heard of VOIP before?

A. VOIP is a newer technology and mostly used by larger corporations and the technology is slowly making it’s way into the SMB world.

Q. Why does my pharmacy need this?

A. VOIP is newer technology and it’s going to save your pharmacy money every month.