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Pharmacy Logo and Brand

Having a professional logo is essential for a pharmacy or any business for that matter. A professionally designed logo builds trust. Potential customers are more likely to do business with you if you have a well designed logo. Let our team of designers create a logo and brand that works for you and your pharmacy. Check out our pharmacy logos here.

Having the right logo for your pharmacy startup is key. ConfigRX has been helping startup pharmacies with their brand identity for over 8 years.

Pharmacy Cabinet Design

ConfigRX helps guide owners on their workflow and cabinet design. We assist our clients on the appropriate cabinet layout based on their pharmacy workflow.

Have questions about how cabinets should be designed or arranged? Contact us, are here to answer any question about your cabinetry. ConfigRX has installed over 50+ cabinet designs throughout the country. No matter if you’re a retail, compounding, LTC etc.. All pharmacies need cabinetry.

Cabinet design.

ConfigRX works with your local contractor, electrician, cabinet company and more. We ensure your pharmacy is setup correctly when it comes to the technology. We strategically place your technology pieces in the pharmacy to support your workflow.

Correctly aligning your cabinets with your workflow is essential to a successful pharmacy. We ensure your pharmacy has an efficient layout including your OTC area, pharmacy bays, drive-thru, point of sale, main pharmacy work bench and more.


Pharmacy Website Design

Our designers work with you to create a website that looks good on PC, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Your website will have your refills integrated so customers can refill their RX directly from your website.

A secure compliant website is key for patients and prescribers to find you online, request refills and learn more about your business. ConfigRX is the leader in custom pharmacy website design. We optimize our websites with SEO and ensure compliance with HIPAA.

All of our websites highlight the pharmacies services. Patients will clearly know your pharmacy offers prescription delivery, mobile application refills, 24/7 IVR refills, compounding, packaging, medication synch and more. 

With ConfigRX your pharmacy will receive a custom designed website. We do not use templates like other pharmacy design companies. ConfigRX websites allows our clients to stand out from the competition in the eyes of patients and prescribers. A professional website is a great marketing tool for any pharmacy owner.

Check out our website portfolio here.

Social Media and Google Maps


Facebook is the most widely used social network, and often one of the first places people go to get information about a business. We setup your Facebook page for you with a nice cover photo to get you started. Facebook is a great place to find new customers and a professional Facebook page helps you reach them. Not to mention Facebook is awesome for targeted ads to your customers.

According to Google 97% of consumers search for local business online. If you operate a brick and mortar pharmacy then these numbers should demonstrate just how important local search is for your business. Google allows any business to create a “Google Places” page to post information and hours for your business. Let us setup this page for you so customers can easily find you. We do this at no charge to our customers who go with our “Start-up package.”

Pharmacy Internet, Phone and IVR


Pharmacy Internet Provider

Choosing the right internet is very important for any pharmacy. The right speed depends on your pharmacy software, phone system and more. We shop all the internet providers in your area and pass our discounted rates onto you. ConfigRX handles all scheduling and installing for internet services.

Pharmacy Phones

When we shop for voice services and phone systems we consider all options from VOIP to SIP depending on the pharmacies location and budget. We have discounted rates and we pass those along to you. ConfigRX handles all scheduling and install for voice services.

Pharmacy IVR

Our team works with all IVR solutions in the pharmacy industry. Our goal is to find the right pharmacy IVR for your pharmacy based on your pharmacy system, phone system, and budget. Choosing an IVR service is difficult and you shouldn’t always go with the first option. An IVR is actually more than just an auto-attendant, it’s a great marketing tool as well. We guide you through the IVR decision process and show you how to use your IVR for outbound and inbound marketing.

Compliance & State Inspection, Network Design, Cabling, Security and Hardware (on-site)


Compliance & State Inspection

Our start a pharmacy program is designed to comply with HIPAA and PCI using NIST standards. We educate your staff how to deal with PCI and HIPAA data on a day to day basis.

ConfigRX ensures your pharmacy is ready for the pharmacy state board inspection. Our service will guide you on what to expect during your state board inspection regarding technology and security.


Pharmacy Network Design

ConfigRx has been setting up networks in pharmacies for over 8+ years. We are the experts when it comes to network design and setup.

Every pharmacy needs a reliable network because if the network is down so is that pharmacy. We setup your network on-site and protect your network with strong network and Wi-Fi encryption. Our network security complies with HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Data and Voice Cabling

Cabling is required for any pharmacy to operate. Having high quality network cabling ensures your data is being sent to and from servers at the fastest speeds possible.

ConfigRx travels on-site to your pharmacy and runs the network cables needed to support your pharmacy bench. Do not assume the network cabling from the last tenant – who occupied the facility you’re about to move into, is in place and ready to go.


Pharmacy Security

Every pharmacy needs security. We have partnered with some of the best security companies in the country to provide our clients with cameras and alarms to make you feel safe operating your pharmacy.

Most systems allow you to view your cameras on your phone while you are away from the pharmacy with no monthly fee. We handle the scheduling and installation of the security for our clients

Pharmacy Hardware

Instead of purchasing the hardware from your pharmacy management system. ConfigRX offers a hardware list from Amazon. The hardware list is designed to save you thousands of dollars.

Our hardware list we provide also has newer technology. Compared to the pharmacy system our Amazon list will save thousands and last a few years longer.

Let’s Talk Pharmacy

ConfigRX is proud to be the only on-site startup pharmacy consulting service. We help owners start their pharmacy journey, find out more below.

ConfigRX travels on-site to all of our start a pharmacy clients. Ensuring a compliant and correct pharmacy design. Let our years of experience help you start your pharmacy journey! Thinking of buying a pharmacy? Check out our buying  a phamacy service here.

A solution for every type of pharmacy

No matter the pharmacy type: Retail, Speciality, Compounding, Long Term Care.. lets talk!

Looking to open a retail pharmacy to serve patients in your community? ConfigRX has helped pharmacy owners open their retail pharmacy throughout the country. We assist in guiding our clients to make the right decisions based on their pharmacy goals. Some items include: Pharmacy system, Point of Sale system, IVR system, Phones, Internet, Delivery, Grand Openings, Cabinet Designs, Workflow model, Logo Design, Pharmacy Website Design, Mobile App, State Board Inspection, HIPAA & PCI compliance, On-site network/hardware installation and more.

Will your pharmacy offer a specialty medication service? Awesome! ConfigRX works with specialty pharmacies to ensure compliance and technology pieces. We help our clients grow their brand and get the word out about their pharmacy. Marketing is key for any specialty pharmacy to grow. Allow our experts to properly setup your pharmacy and grow your business.

Are you a full service compounding lab? Maybe a retail pharmacy with compounding? No problem! ConfigRX has helped clients all across the country open a pharmacy with compounding as a service. We guide pharmacy owners to make difficult decisions when it comes to technology for their compounding lab. Compounding is a great service to add for any pharmacy. The key is to let prescribers and patients know your pharmacy offers compounding. Our marketing team has years of experience marketing compounding to prescribers.

ConfigRX works with Long Term Care pharmacies on their technology needs. We assist in helping choose packaging options and the robot automation with them. Allow our experts to help you setup your long term care pharmacy. We know what technology pieces work best for LTC pharmacies. Which pharmacy system is better than the other and more!

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