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In this article we look at deciding between pharmacy names for an independent pharmacy. We discuss 7 tips for an awesome pharmacy name and how they affect your pharmacy growth.

Pharmacy owners often fret over a name and they rightfully should be worried. The sad truth is: A pharmacy name can sometimes make all the difference.  For example: Would you want to order Dophinfish at a restaurant or Mahi Mahi?  Mahi Mahi right? That’s much better? You don’t want to eat a dolphin! The point is names are very powerful and they provide a starting point for your brand and pharmacy.  Importantly here are a few things to consider when determining a pharmacy name while you start a pharmacy business. 

1. Does it sound good when it’s said aloud?

Think about some brand names that just sound cool. Examples: Shopify, Coca-Cola, Chick-Fil-A, Pfizer, or The Home Depot. These are all easy smooth sounding names and when you say them aloud you do not confuse them with other brand names. Take the word Pharmacy for example: When combined with a first/last name of an owner does it sound right? Example: Smith’s Pharmacy.. it just sounds boring. SmithRX is a little more modern. Some names just work better than others. Another substitute for pharmacy can be RX, prescriptions,  or drug store (remote areas only).

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2. Focus on your surroundings.

I see a lot of pharmacy owners name their pharmacy after their town or city. This works well if your goal is to focus on the community. It shows you are dedicated to your community and ready to serve it’s patients. Consequently this can also hamper your growth if you decide to expand your business outside of your town/city.

3. Follow the guidelines:

Some guidelines include: Suggestive – This suggest what you actually do. Meaningful – Your name has a strong meaning and not confusing. Catchy – It’s easy to say aloud and not boring. Easy – It’s easy to remember and type into GPS. Professional – Prescribers will want to send patients to you.

4. Test out your pharmacy names on Google AdWords.

Doing a search on Adwords allows you to see similar search results with that keyword. Additionally you can see the volume associated with that word. This will help you in the future when you decide to run SEO and marketing campaigns.

5. It doesn’t have to be like every other name

Earlier we mentioned to include the words pharmacy or RX in the name. This isn’t mandatory, your name can be anything as long as it can easily be related to what you do. Don’t be afraid to be different and stand out from the competition.

6. Use your services in your name

If your pharmacy offers compounding it might benefit you to incorporate the word compounding somewhere in your name or logo. Ex: The Compounding Lab. PrEP-RX (pre-exposure prophylaxis) I even heard of some pharmacies adding “Free Delivery” to their business name. A trendy word I see a lot now is “Hybrid”.

7.Be sure you can trademark it

Check out USPTO.gov or Trademarkia to verify your name isn’t already taking or that you are not infringing on any trademark issues.

Questions to ask about your pharmacy names:

  • Does the name make sense? Does it convey my line of business?
  • Are there any slang or related terms to my pharmacy name?
  • How does the name translate in another language?
  • Is it an easily marketable name?


Register your pharmacy name domain

In addition as soon as you decide on your pharmacy name you should register the domain with a domain name registrar such as GoDaddy, HostGator etc… To learn more about registering your domain name and comparing the options check out this post. Nevertheless you need to register the domain name before anyone else can claim it. Domain names are often relatively cheap as well.

Website / Logo /  Pharmacy Marketing Plan

pharmacy-logosLastly, after you decide on your pharmacy name you should look into logo and website. Every pharmacy should have a professional logo and website. Having a professional design builds your brands trust and reputation.  The successful pharmacies have a logo that spreads brand awareness and a website that encompasses their services. After you have those items you should focus on creating a pharmacy marketing plan.

When you open a pharmacy of yours  you should allocate some of your time and budget to marketing. Some experts suggest a 5% of your revenue be allocated to your marketing budget. Having a pharmacy marketing planning and following through with it will put you miles ahead of most of your competition. Most independent pharmacies neglect marketing. Marketing if done correctly can propel your business and reach new patients. Our pharmacy consulting services can provide you with a roadmap for all these procedures. 

Summary of choosing a pharmacy name for your pharmacy.

Now that you have some ideas for your pharmacy name it’s time to get to work. Run your ideas by your family, friends and co-workers (if possible). If you need help while selecting a name as you open a pharmacy business of your own, feel free to contact us and we would be glad to give input on your name at no cost! We have helped our clients with names and have valuable marketing experience to relate.

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