Phone System for Pharmacies

Pharmacies have options when it comes to phone systems. You can go with a traditional landline phone system or you can go with a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solution. Both options have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look.

When you decide on a phone system for your pharmacy you should consider price, your internet speed, your IVR provider (if available), number of users/handsets and what park/hold features you want. Over the past few years VOIP phones have been replacing older traditional phone systems in the business world. However that doesn’t mean you should be upgrading your phone system to a VOIP system. On this page take a look at the difference between a traditional phone system and a VOIP phone system.


Traditional (landline) phone systems for pharmacies

Traditional/analog phone systems are traditional phone systems which works by converting your voice signals into waves of frequency are an older form of technology but still very reliable and you will find these in most independent pharmacies. For instance if your pharmacy is older than 10 years old it more than likely has a traditional phone system. Traditional phone systems come with pros and cons for a pharmacy.


  • Reliable and time tested technology
  • Not effected by power outages
  • Works with most IVR vendors
  • Excellent call clarity and stability
  • Dedicated connection to patient’s phone


  • Requires a costly purchase of the phone system (Usually $2000-$4000)
  • A little more expensive than VOIP per month
  • Built on existing copper wire
  • Limited technology, not very flexible
  • Difficult to make changes to the system

If your pharmacy is in a rural area or your internet provider is very slow then your pharmacy should be on an analog phone system. There are many different analog systems out there including Avaya, Norstar, Nortel, Panasonic etc.. If your pharmacy is considering an analog system you will want to check with your IVR provider to make sure they integrate.

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol phone systems for pharmacies)

VOIP phones are quickly taking over the business world because of their flexibility and price. Most pharmacies do not use VOIP technology but they certain should consider it. VOIP systems work over the internet instead of a traditional phone/copper line. Your voice is packaged as data and sent to the other user digitally.


  • Answer phone calls anywhere, not just at the pharmacy
  • Extremely cost effective, no large phone system to buy, cheaper monthly
  • Easier to setup and manage
  • Excellent call clarity and stability
  • Ever-changing technology always being improved


  • Calls can be faded or echo if your internet is having issues
  • Requires a strong and reliable internet connection
  • Doesn’t integrate with all IVR systems

It is easy to see why VOIP technology is taking over the modern business world. Paying less while having the ability to easily manage your phone system yourself makes VOIP the clear winner. Do not forget VOIP does require a reliable internet connection and sadly many VOIP and IVR providers will try to sell you their VOIP service on an internet connection that will not support VOIP. As a result you will experience dropped or missed calls often. If your pharmacy is in a rural area we recommend sticking to an analog system due to the poor internet connections associated with rural areas.

Which system should you chose?

In conclusion your pharmacy should choose a system based on your budget, internet speed, functions needed and IVR. Both systems when setup correctly serve as efficient phone systems and are used everyday in a pharmacy workflow. ConfigRX specializes in Phone Systems for pharmacies and have installed over 50 phone systems in pharmacies across the country. Our start a pharmacy package as well as our buy a pharmacy audit includes our phone system service. Contact us if you have questions about your pharmacy phone system.

Upgrade your pharmacies internet

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