Choosing an Internet Provider for a Pharmacy

Deciding on the right internet service for your pharmacy is an important step to having a stable and efficient pharmacy. A lot of very important information is processed via the internet such as: Insurance processing, credit card processing and even some pharmacy software systems are 100% cloud (online/internet) based.

Your pharmacies internet should be a very stable connection and we always recommend having a backup internet just in-case your primary goes down. Usually if your pharmacy is located within a 25 mi radius of an urban area you should have a few choices on a stable internet provider at a decent price. However if your pharmacy is located in a rural area you may only have one option for internet services.

What internet speed does my pharmacy need?

Pharmacies as a rule need about 25MB of internet download speed to operate effectively therefore your internet needs to be at least 25MB. Any less than 25MB and your pharmacy might experience hangups or slowdowns.

Expect to pay around $80/mo for internet service to your pharmacy.

Most pharmacy internet services should cost around $60-150/mo depending on your location and the amount of competition in your area. These prices are of course for coax internet or cable internet. If your pharmacy needs a fiber connection you can expect to pay $250+/mo for service. However most pharmacies can do without fiber until pricing comes down.  Prices for fiber are slowly coming down in price and it’s generally a matter of time before this type of internet becomes standard.

How to choose between two different internet providers.

If your pharmacy location has more than one option for internet then as a rule you should get both. Every pharmacy should have two internet connections coupled with a router that can support both connections. If your main internet is a coax/cable connection then try to get a DSL connection as a backup. Lastly also consider wireless 4G/5G/LTE cards to server as backups.

How to find what internet providers are in your area.

Ask around to see what other business owners are using and how their service with their provider has been. Generally this is the best way to find an internet solution for your pharmacy. ConfigRX offers free internet service lookup for pharmacies. We are partners with 95% of all internet companies in the country and that gives us discount pricing which is often much better than what you get going direct. Our complementary internet service search has helped owners upgrade their internet all over the country. If you are interested in this free service fill out the form below and we will contact you.




Type in your pharmacy address and ConfigRx will send you a FREE proposal from all the providers in your area for Internet and Phone services. Our rates are usually better than going directly to the providers. Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.

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