Camera Systems for Pharmacies

Cameras usually are not required in most states by your state board however we highly recommend you have them installed in your pharmacy. They serve more than just a security feature. Here are some quick tips when it comes to cameras for your independent pharmacy:

  • A lot of pharmacies use their cameras for when a drug has gone missing or need to lookup what happened when a certain rx was filled.
  • Be sure you can view your cameras on your mobile device. A lot of owners use this to make sure the employees are actually working when they are at the pharmacy.
  • If your pharmacy is robbed the police will request you give them the video footage of the break-in so you should be familiar on how to operate the DVR.
  • When purchasing a camera system you will want to be sure some of the cameras are rated for outdoor use as well as indoor use. If you have a drive-thru you always want to put an outdoor camera there.
  • When installing your DVR try to hide or install it in a locked area or high up. Often thieves and even employees will disable the camera system when trying to conceal something.

Independent pharmacies usually can get away with a lower end camera system.

Costs: Unless you want a high quality 4k camera system you can get by with a simple DVR camera system as long as your placement of your cameras are correct. Most DVR camera kits will cost between $500-900 for all the equipment, cabling included. Don’t be fooled by security companies who try to sell you expensive camera systems.

Placement of cameras: Where you place your cameras are very important and here are some suggestions. Drug bays should be covered at all angles, Control drugs or safes should have it’s own camera, all entry doors, your main workflow bench, and the Point of Sale area. Good placement of your cameras are key to an effective camera system.


How long should my camera system store the video footage?

Your cameras DVR should record at least up to 2 months of footage onto the hard-drive.

How many cameras do I need in my pharmacy?

We always recommend an 8 camera system for pharmacies at 1000 sq/ft.. if larger you should consider additional cameras


ConfigRX specializes in Pharmacy Security Cameras and have installed over 50 camera systems in pharmacies across the country. Our start a pharmacy package as well as our buy a pharmacy audit includes our security camera service. Contact us if you have questions about your pharmacy camera system.