Scanners in the Pharmacy

Having quick and reliable scanners are help ensure a smooth a pharmacy workflow. Everything needs to be scanned into the pharmacy system so quick accurate scanners are a must-have for any pharmacy.

Pharmacies use scanners everyday and having a reliable fast and responsive scanner is essential. ConfigRX recommends a few different scanners to use in your pharmacy workflow that have been tested and proven to hold up for years in a busy pharmacy. Some pharmacy systems will try to sell you a certain scanner or they will only offer one type of scanner because they often are re-sellers of the hardware. However remember you have choices and you can purchase the scanners on your own usually for a better price.

A pharmacy usually has two types of scanners in the workflow. Document scanners and Bar-code scanners. A document scanner is used to scan in prescriptions into the pharmacy system as well as insurance cards. Your document scanner should be able to scan a document in a few seconds and be ready for the next document; also make sure your document scanner can scan multiple pages at a time. A slow document scanner can really slow down your workflow.

A bar-code scanner will be scanning the NDC, vial label and more. Your bar-code scanner should be very responsive and if you are able to mount the bar-code scanner off of the workflow counter-top you should. Most bar-code scanners come with screws for mounting.