Clark’s Rx: Managing the technology of a 16 store independent chain pharmacy.


Clark’s Rx Pharmacy is a well-known independent chain based out of Dayton, OH. Clark’s Rx understood their pharmacy uses technology everyday and depends on it to run their business. They knew they needed a professional to make sure their technology was being used correctly and they aren’t overpaying for certain services. Clark’s Rx hired ConfigRX to maintain all the technology and also help them setup new pharmacies in different states.

Everyone of my pharmacists and pharmacy techs love ConfigRX. They have been with us for so long, I don’t know where our pharmacy would be without their help.

Clark’s Rx has been a client of ConfigRX for over 7 years and still operates in multiple states with retail, compounding and Long Term Care. ConfigRX handles all the technology for all the stores including: Phones, Internet, IVR, Security, Websites, Firewalls, Printers and more. Clark’s Rx also owns a consulting company – Independent Rx Consulting. For IRX-Consulting all technology is monitored and maintained by ConfigRX.

Ohio, Illinois & Missouri

To efficiently monitor and maintain all the hardware, software and network for the Clark’s Rx pharmacy chain in 3 different states.

ConfigRX provided a template for all the pharmacies to operate under. All the technology equipment was monitored and maintained, issues were caught before there was a problem. The pharmacies had very good workflows aided by the technology.