Latimer’s Pharmacy: Helping Christina and PJ bring an iconic pharmacy back to life.


Latimer’s pharmacy has been serving Los Molinos since 1946 and is an iconic landmark in the city. Recently Christina and PJ bought this historic pharmacy and quickly realized they need to update the technology of the pharmacy. Customers would walk into the pharmacy and see wires hanging from the ceiling, a frustrated pharmacy staff, and sometimes a point of sale that cannot take credit cards because the internet is down.

I am really happy ConfigRX flew out to California help us transition our pharmacy. We knew we had a mess on our hands and ConfigRX were the industry experts when it came to pharmacy technology.

ConfigRX traveled on-site to discuss the technology with Christina and PJ and quickly got to work. We ran all new cables, removed the old hanging cables, added a technology rack, modernized the computers, added customer WIFI, gave some recommendations on the pharmacy workflow into a more linear workflow system, added a newer, cheaper, faster and more reliable Internet service, added some much needed printers, and more. Today the pharmacy operates much smoother and the staff isn’t stressing out over a slow or freezing computer. The pharmacy is also saving money every month on their telecom bills thanks to using ConfigRX.

Our patients and doctors love the IVR, no more busy signal or only requesting refills before 5pm.

ConfigRX also updated the pharmacies website where customers can request refills 24/7. The website can be viewed here: latimerspharmacy.com Contact us today to see how we can help you save money and run a more efficient pharmacy.



Los Molinos, CA

To clean up and revamp the technology of the entire pharmacy.

Latimer’s Pharmacy is now saving money on their monthly telecom bills, has an effective IVR solution, installed a stable network with new cables, new computers, new phone system, a new website and more.