A question we often receive here at ConfigRX is.. “How do I layout my retail pharmacy cabinet design inside my pharmacy?” Our answer is always the same — What is your workflow?

Retail pharmacies fill most of the prescriptions on a main work bench. The main work bench needs to be setup properly to ensure a fast and smooth operational workflow for the staff. Each pharmacy cabinet is designed for a specific purpose such as: file cabinet, vial cabinet, printer cabinet, narcotic cabinet, computer cabinet, sink cabinet, waste unit cabinet and more. Placement of these cabinets is key and should depend on your pharmacy software system and your pharmacy workflow.

For example: If your workflow is a linear workflow your cabinet layout should reflect that system. Your dispensing station should have a waste unit to throw away empty vials. Your data entry station should have a file cabinet to store scripts. Also often times most cabinet designers will suggest a layout however they have never worked in a pharmacy and this results in poor or an in-efficient workflow. Take the time to really think about your workflow before designing your cabinet layout.

ConfigRX has setup over 50 retail pharmacies and have played a large role in the pharmacy cabinet design and workflow layout. Let us recommend some variations of your cabinet layout that will create a smooth and efficient workflow for your staff. We have worked with a number of cabinet companies and often can recommend a cabinet company that will fit your budget. Contact us to learn more about our Pharmacy Cabinet service. We are also known within the pharmacy consulting industry for integrity and lack of conflict of interest.

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