When you choose your alarm system and company you want to make sure they know how to setup an alarm system for a pharmacy. Every year there are over 8,000 pharmacy break-ins per year! A pharmacy alarm system is different than most business and residential systems. Here are a few tips:

– Most robberies are less than 2 minutes in length, be sure to test your alarm BEFORE your alarm installer leaves your pharmacy.
– Be sure your alarm system is on a cellular and battery backup. Often times thieves will cut the power and internet. With cellular and battery your alarm system stays online.
– Verify you are the point of contact from the monitoring company and you are the next in line to be notified after the police in an event of a break-in.
– Always keep your controlled drugs in a safe.
– Often times the burglars come in the store to scope it out before breaking-in after the pharmacy closes, if you see someone suspicious be sure to alert the police.
– Check to make sure your alarm system can be armed and disarmed from your mobile device. You can also see a log of history from all events through your mobile device.

Costs: Most alarm companies will try to sell you on a 3-5 year contract at around $30-65/month for monitoring. If you are asked to pay more then you should find another alarm company.

Insurance: Your insurance company also may have advice and requirements for your alarm system. It’s always best to check with them.

Technology equipment: Often times when thieves break into the pharmacy they go straight for the IT equipment in hopes to disable the alarm. They cut the cables but this shouldn’t effect the alarm at all. However it will cause an issue with your pharmacy the next day because often the internet cord is the cord they cut leaving your pharmacy without an internet connection until the internet provider can come out, and repair the line. If you have a locked closet or room you should install all your IT equipment there.

RxPATROL:(Pattern Analysis Tracking Robberies and Other Losses – check out their website for additional tips and report any break-ins there.