Having a computer that can keep up with your pharmacy workflow is key. The last issue you want to worry about is wondering why your computer is so slow.  Here are some tips when looking to buy or replace your workstation computers.

– You don’t have to buy hardware including computers from your pharmacy system. Often times they are over-priced, SLOW and outdated. Look to Amazon and other online retailers to buy your computers. You can often save thousands buying your own equipment and it’s almost always just as good or faster or you can consult from our expert pharmacy consultant.

– When looking to purchase computers make sure ALL of your software and hardware is compatible with the operating system. Most of the time Windows 7 and Windows 10 are always safe bets. Do not buy Apple/MACs PCs for your pharmacy. Most pharmacy software and hardware is not compatible with Apple computers. IPAD tablets are different story and some pharmacy apps like delivery, drive-thru, and inventory are only available on Apple tablets. Check with your software provider or contact us.

 – Go wireless. Your keyboard and mouse should always be wireless The less wires laying around the more space your staff has to work.

 – Always have a backup computer. Computers can fail just like any other pieces of technology. A memory stick could go bad, motherboard could go bad from a nearby lighting strike, or the power supply could die. If one of your main workstations goes down on a Monday you will be glad you have a backup to plug-in.

 – If you feel you don’t have enough room for a computer on your main bench consider an ALL-IN-ONE computer. They take up less space and great solutions to small work areas.

Monitors – Look for 23″ and wider monitors. A 23″ widescreen monitor isn’t as expensive as it was 10 years ago. Monitor prices have came down a lot.

Hard-drive  – Always look for SSD (Solid-State Drive) hard-drives inside the computers. These SSDs are much quicker than traditional hard-drives. Once your experience a workstation using a SSD you won’t ever wont to go back to traditional.

Memory – Memory is very important and the required memory for software is going up everyday. We recommend you have at least 8GB of memory in every workstation. Servers should have 16GB+.