Faxes are still a huge part of the pharmacy industry believe it or not. Having a fax machine is a must in any pharmacy. Doctors and facilities still rely on this technology and your pharmacy should have a fax line in addition to your voice lines. Most fax lines can be purchased through a local provider like AT&T or Spectrum.   

We often get asked the question about online fax options. They will work but we do not recommend those. We setup all our pharmacies to use traditional fax machines and fax lines. Don’t be confused if your pharmacy software offers an online fax for e-scribes that is very different and your pharmacy should surely use e-scribes. For any queries, book an appointment with Pharmacy Consultant.

Other uses of an on-site fax machine:

Copier – If your fax machine has the copy function on it you can easily copy documents or ID cards via the copy button. 

Phone line – If your phone lines are down you can always route calls to your fax machine and answer the calls that way. Not all fax machines come with a handheld phone so if you have a choice always choose the one with the handheld phone.

Setup your inbound faxes to go directly into your pharmacy system:
Most pharmacy software will allow you to send your incoming faxes directly into your pharmacy software inbound que, that way you can see all your faxes within your software. Also a lot of them can fax out using your fax number also.  

Fax Servers:

Some larger pharmacies will use a fax server. Fax servers are often used in Long Term Care facilities where nursing homes and other facilities still rely on traditional fax machines to fax in requests to the pharmacy. Slowly this is being replaced by electronic online systems.