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Choosing the right internet service for your pharmacy is an important step to having a stable and efficient pharmacy. A lot of very important information is processed via the internet such as: Insurance processing, credit card processing, your phones, your data backup and even some pharmacy software systems are 100% cloud (online/internet) based.

Your pharmacies internet should be very stable and we always recommend having a backup internet just in-case your primary goes down.  If your pharmacy is located within a 25 mi radius of an urban area you should have a few choices on a stable internet provider at a decent price. If your pharmacy is located in a rural area you may only have 1 option for internet and it may be a very slow and unreliable connection.

How much should I be paying for internet to my pharmacy?: Most pharmacy internet services should cost around $60-150/mo just depending on your location and amount of competition in your area. These prices are of course for coax internet or cable internet. If your pharmacy needs a fiber connection you can expect to pay $150+/mo for service. Most pharmacies can get away with cable only.  Prices for fiber are slowly coming down in price and it’s just a matter of time before this type of internet becomes standard.

What speeds to does my pharmacy need for internet?: For most pharmacies 50MB is usually adequate for a normal pharmacy. If your pharmacy is a larger volume pharmacy you should look into fiber speeds 100MB. Fiber is much more reliable and faster than cable.

ConfigRX is a channel partner with all internet providers in the country. We usually have discounted rates passed onto us – much cheaper than you going direct to the provider. Contact us for a free quote on internet to see if your paying too much for your internet.