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Is an IVR  (interactive voice response) right for your pharmacy? What is an IVR? Can I use any IVR service and it will work with my pharmacy system? How much is an IVR for my pharmacy? These are just some of the questions we get from our clients when it comes to IVR.

A pharmacy uses an IVR in a couple different ways. Inbound communication, outbound communication and cloud communication.

Inbound communication – When a patient or calls the pharmacy the IVR will pick up the call and give the caller a few options — Refill Rx, Hours, Direction, Doctor Voicemail and more.

Outbound communication – This notifies patients via phone/text/e-mail when an Rx is ready for pickup and can also be used for marketing purposes. Example – Texting all customers to let them know your pharmacy now has flu shots available.

Cloud communication – Cloud is referring to online services such as pharmacy mobile app where patients can requests refills via your pharmacy app in the Google Play and Apple App store. This also provides refills on your website.

Lets take a look at why your should have an IVR in your pharmacy.

– Cuts down on phone calls to your staff – quieter work environment – Increases pharmacy workflow efficiency.
– Most refills are done via the IVR – although you will still have a few people that want to talk to a pharmacy staff member to do their refills.
– Provides 24/7 access to the pharmacy.
– Check voicemails remotely. Separate secure inboxes for patients, doctors, and prescriptions.
– A great marketing tool for outbound messaging.
– All refills go directly into the pharmacy system.
– Patients can see real-time status of prescriptions.

ConfigRX recommends most pharmacies utilize and IVR system for their pharmacy. Pricing can vary on an IVR system. You can expect to pay between $100-250/mo for IVR services/support and also an upfront license fee to use the software.  Always check with your pharmacy software system to see which IVR vendors they work with.

ConfigRX has installed IVR systems in over 50+ pharmacies. Contact us if you would like ConfigRX to shop IVR systems for you.