Choosing a reliable phone service for your pharmacy comes down to a few rules. You need to make sure you are not overpaying for service, you have a reliable 99.9% up-time service, and your phone service should offer call forwarding for emergency situations or power outages.

VOIP (Voice Over IP) Services


VOIP phone services or sometimes called “Internet Phone” is simply an online phone system. There isn’t an expensive phone system to buy and install in your pharmacy, you don’t have to hire a phone tech to manage your phone system, and you only need to purchase the phone handsets from your VOIP provider. VOIP phone services are usually cheaper than traditional landline services and cost around $25-32 per line/user. Their customer support is almost always available and much better than  landline support.  If your pharmacy is in a location where  stable internet services are offered and you have at least 25MB down and 5MB up you should consider a VOIP phone service. IVR systems work very well with VOIP systems also as there is no additional on-site hardware needed with VOIP. Contact us if you are interested in VOIP services for your technology, we offer FREE advice when it comes to VOIP services.


Traditional(landline) services

Traditional phone services like AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Spectrum, Frontier, Century Link, etc.. are also good solutions for pharmacies. These traditional phone services are often referred to as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), copper lines, or cable CO line. These systems are older technology but very reliable. Most pharmacies still utilize this technology. Traditional landline  services are a bit more expensive than VOIP and are $30-37/line depending on your area. If there is only provider in your area this can easily go over $40/line This type of service usually requires a PBX (phone system) installed and managed by a certified professional.  These systems can range between $500-$6000 before installation. You will need to order IVR hardware from your IVR company and your IVR will connect directly to the PBX.   Contact us if you are looking at installing or upgrading your phone services. Save money and take advantage of our partnerships with the telecom companies and our rates. We have partnerships with 98% of the telecom companies in the USA. We offer FREE advice on all phone services.