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There are only a few printers out there that work with most pharmacy systems. Most pharmacies use two different types of printers – thermal and laser. Thermal printers are the printers that print out your labels. Laser printers are larger and serve as your monochrome workhorse printers. Rx images, monographs and more are printed on the laser printers, usually almost always 8.5×11 (letter size). Here are some tips when replacing or purchasing printers.

– Almost all printers have the option for Ethernet or Network connectivity and USB. If your printer can be plugged into the network then any computer/workstation can print to it. Make sure your printer has Ethernet/Network connectivity and not just USB.

– Always check with your pharmacy software system to see which printers is compatible with their software. They usually can provide you a list of supported printers.

– You can purchase printers yourself. Your pharmacy system will try to sell you hardware usually at a marked up price. You can purchase the exact same printers on Amazon or other online retailers for a better price.

– Always order a backup. Although most printers last years they do have issues and sometime require maintenance. It’s always good to have a backup printer you can swap in and out on a busy Monday.

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