You have options when it comes to your phone system. You can go with a traditional landline phone system or you can go with a VOIP solution. Both options have their pros and cons. We recommend you check with your IVR company to see what type of service they work with.h certain phone systems and/or providers.

Choose One


VOIP (Voice Over IP)

Cost of Service:
– Cheaper on-going monthly – $25-32 per line/user

– Cheaper ongoing monthly – $25-32 per line/user
– Easy to setup and configure
– Can be used remotely
– Ever-changing always being improved
– New technology
– Very good sound quality

– Calls can sometimes seem faded or echo if internet is having issues
– Relies on having a good reliable internet connection
– Not advisable for remote pharmacy locations

Traditional (Landline)

Cost of Service:
– More expensive ongoing monthly – $30-$37 per line

– Reliable and time-tested technology
– Not effected by power outages
– Excellent call clarity and stability
– Dedicated connection to caller

– Requires a phone system in pharmacy
– A little more expensive per month
– Difficult to setup for IVR