Professional web
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A website is essential to any pharmacy. 75% of your web visitors will judge your credibility based on your web design. With over 10 years of web design experience let us create a unique and custom website for your pharmacy.

Web sites that look good on all devices

Having responsive design on mobile devices is very important. Your customers are able to place refill requests directly from their phone or tablet.We ensure all our websites are mobile friendly for all of our clients.

Web Refills

When you create a website with ConfigRx we will work with your pharmacy system and IVR service to embed your refills directly onto your website. That means when a customer requests a refill from their phone or computer the refill is submitted directly to the pharmacy software system and waiting to be filled.

Optimized SEO

Every website created at ConfigRx has organic SEO built into the site.This way your website will perform very well in Google searches. Your website is optimized for the latest Google algorithms and organic searches.

Brand Promotion

A website is a perfect way to promote your pharmacies brand. It allows customers to learn about your usiness without stepping foot inside your pharmacy. ConfigRx works with you on promoting your brand on your website through images, logos, and design.


The keys to a successful website

Appearances Matter

Amazing design is not the most important thing in a website, but if you fall below a certain start of design quality your potential customers will not take you seriously. A well designed website instantly lets your customer know you are stable, successful and here to stay.

Content, content, content

Give your potential customers the info they want and need. Your customers should be able to tell what business you are in and what services you provide. They should easily be able to refill their RXs in less than 2 clicks. Keep the customer engaged. Talk about problems you frequently hear from them. Your customer really want to know what can you do for me?

Use Social Media

Everyone is on social media these days and it would be a mistake if your business didn’t have an online presence there. Post social media links on your website so customers can find out about you on their favorite social media applications and your website.