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Choosing the primary and backup internet for your independent pharmacy.

There are many internet service providers (ISP) available and while some may be a better choice then others there is no denying a pharmacy must have a reliable internet connection. Credit card transactions, insurance claim processing and IVR services are just a few items that require an internet connection to operate correctly. It is essential that your pharmacy have not only 1 internet connection but also a backup internet connection to ensure your pharmacy workflow stays operational.

Always choose reliability over speed

Sure that 1GB internet speed sounds really cool and fast but it’s not the speed that keeps the pharmacy operating, it’s the uptime or stability of the connection. Pharmacies should always choose the most reliable connection available to them. We tell our clients you don’t really need more than 25MB download and 5MB upload to run a pharmacy. Providers will try to sell you higher speeds at higher prices but consider saving the money and instead of upgrading the speed. Look for a backup DSL or cable internet provider. Having that backup connection can save your pharmacy from falling behind for hours if your primary internet provider goes down, and yes this will happen. The last thing your customers want to hear is you can’t run their credit cards because your internet is down.

Your location determines your options

Whether you are starting a pharmacy, buying a pharmacy or are current pharmacy owner consider your location. Some pharmacy locations in rural areas may only have one internet provider option while some in larger cities can have 5 or 6 options. For example:  A client of mine started a pharmacy just outside of Dallas and when we ran his address for available telecom providers we received quotes from AT&T, Spectrum, Verizon and Century Link all with very competitive prices. However another client started a pharmacy in West Unity Ohio –  a very rural town – we only had the option for Spectrum at a very high rate because they are the only provider in the town.

How to decide which provider to choose

If you have multiple internet provider options in your area the choice can be tough. We always tell our clients to ask around the area with other businesses. Don’t assume because you have the service at your home it will be the same for your business. Most internet providers have two totally different businesses for residential and business. Just because your home Comcast internet is reliable doesn’t necessarily mean your business internet will be the same, it’s two totally separate companies Comcast Residential and Comcast Business. That’s why when you call they always ask you if this is for a business or residential account. ConfigRX has worked with most internet providers around the country, if you have questions about choosing an internet provider or want to know more about choosing Internet Service Providers contact us or use our pharmacy internet and phone lookup tool for FREE.

Fiber internet is quickly growing

If your pharmacy is lucky enough to be in a fiber area you should really consider it. Fiber is very reliable but it comes at a cost. Currently most TRUE fiber options are very expensive because it’s newer technology. The hefty price tag will eventually come down for the service but currently dedicated fiber is usually double or triple the cost of cable internet. Even if you can get a hybrid fiber such as “Verizon FIOS“, we recommend it. FIOS is 90% fiber but coax coming into your building and usually competitive with cable pricing. Another hybrid fiber option is “AT&T Best Effort Fiber” this is also a good option if available in your area. If you are interested in fiber internet for your pharmacy, then use our lookup tool and we will search for fiber options in your area at our discounted rates.

Older buildings need new wiring

Is the building you are in an older unit? Typically, we see this when someone is purchasing a pharmacy that’s over 15 years old and their internet isn’t very stable. Usually this is caused by old coax wiring.  Overtime these wires inside and outside the building erode and need to be replaced. It’s very difficult sometimes to get your telecom company to replace their wiring in your building. We find that if you call them enough and suggest the wiring might be the issue then usually they will consider replacing it after they run their tests on the line for errors.

Paying for WiFi from an ISP

Most telecom companies will try to sell you a WiFi service that you do not need. Your pharmacies router should provide your own WiFi that you control. Your WiFi connected device will need access to your server or printer usually. Typically ISP controlled WiFi is separate from pharmacies local network and not very secure. We recommend to all of our clients to use the WiFi from your router and not from the ISP.

Using an Air/Cellular Modem

Does your pharmacy only have one internet option? If so we suggest using our 4G/5G LTE cellular air card/modem. These LTE cellular devices can be a life-saver if your only internet connection goes down. These typically plug into your router and are smart enough to automatically kick on if they notice the primary internet is down. These cellular modems are also great for natural disasters because they use cellular signals such as 3G, 4G and 5G. The price for this service is $79.95/mo. That’s a great price to pay for insurance that you shouldn’t ever go offline. If you would like to know more about Cellular modems visit our Backup Internet for Pharmacies page here.

What ISP (internet service providers) are in my area?

ConfigRX can look up your pharmacies address and send you a quote of all the providers in your area. We have partnered with 98% of the ISPs in the country to bring discounted rates to you. We do this for FREE and most of the quotes we receive are month to month from the providers. Save money every month and check out our provider search here.

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