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Help your clients grow their pharmacy business and make money doing it! Our partner program rewards our partners for new and on-going services sold!

easy sell

All technology services from ConfigRX are designed to save pharmacies money. The pharmacy industry is flooded with overpriced services. ConfigRX services saves the pharmacy money – making our services an easy sell.


We love working with people who have connections in the independent pharmacy world. We are looking to pay our partners for every new service sold. ConfigRX offers a wide range of technology and design/marketing services. We typically pay our partners 15-30 days after the client makes their first payment.

What our partners need to do:

  • Talk to your client and see if they are interested in any of our technology or design/marketing services
  • Use our marketing pieces to help describe the service
  • Provide ConfigRX the lead and let us close the deal

Our services vary in prices. Below we listed our pharmacy services we offer and a typical payout to our partners. Most payouts offer $500 for each service sold. If you think you would be a good fit for our partner program let us know!

services offered

Below are the services we offer our partners to sell on our behalf. Our incentive rate is also listed for each service sold.

Pharmacy Phone Service / VOIP

Our pharmacy phone service is designed to save pharmacies money every month. Currently most pharmacies are paying between $35-45/line. With our VOIP services our clients can expect to pay $18-28/line. This adds up when the pharmacy has multiple lines. Most pharmacies have anywhere between 3 to 10 lines.

We typically install VOIP phones from different VOIP providers. These systems are cloud based systems and considered newer, cost effective and safer technology.

Install is easy and simple. Install is handled by the VOIP provider and the devices are plug-in-play phone handsets. There is no large phone system to purchase – the client simply purchases the desk phones.

Our partner payout: We offer $25 for every line the pharmacy moves to a VOIP provider from ConfigRX. 

Why?: The pharmacy more than likely overpaying for phone service and  will end up saving money every month with VOIP. The more lines they have the more they will save. The technology is newer and more affordable – call quality is clearer, more functions on the phones like park calls, call waiting, conferencing etc..

Marketing material:      Printed “Upgrade to VOIP 4x4”      Online webpage

Pharmacy Website Design

ConfigRX offers the best custom website design in the industry. No other design company can match our designs and service. We create custom non-template websites that focuses on the pharmacies offerings. All of our websites come with SEO and place very well in search engine results. We have the option to fax/email refills directly to the store or we can embed their IVR or pharmacy system refill system directly on the website.

Option 1: ConfigRX offers a 5-6 page website that include: Home, About, Services, Refills, Contact. This website costs $179/mo (with a $199 setup fee). All design work is custom and we work directly with the client for content or can provide it without anything needed from the client.

Option 2: ConfigRX offers a unique custom Prescriber Portal for pharmacies. A secure online portal is created for the pharmacies presribers. The providers are given unique logins to order custom prescriptions. You can see an example here.  Login with
username: testuser
password: testuser

This portal replaces faxing intake forms to the pharmacies. The portal also provides a secure tunnel for submitting prescriptions to the pharmacy, especially compounding prescriptions. It is a great way for a pharmacy to separate itself from the competition to the prescribers in the area.

Our Prescriber Portal costs $249/mo

Option 3: Some customers want a more custom website. We are able to provide custom larger websites if needed including e-commerce websites.  Custom website work is billed on an hourly basis.

Our partner payout: We offer $500 per website to our partners for every website sold.

Marketing material: Printed “Website Rack Card”     Online webpage

Pharmacy Cellular Internet Backup

ConfigRX has partnered with Broadsky to provide pharmacy owners with a 4G LTE backup internet solution. This device uses cellular 4G from AT&T and Verizon to bring backup internet to a pharmacy anywhere in the country, even remote rural areas.

This is a great solution for any pharmacy to protect from internet downtime. With a 4G LTE backup the pharmacy will always be online and able to process credit cards, submit insurance claims and more.

The cost of the internet backup is $79.99/mo

Why? To eliminate pharmacy downtime and the pharmacies workflow can continue during an internet outage. 

Our partner payout: We offer $75 per install to our partners for every backup device sold.

Marketing material: Printed “4G LTE Backup Service brochure” – Front  
Printed “4G LTE Backup Service Brochure” – Back

Online webpage

Pharmacy IT Audit / Buying a pharmacy

Our Pharmacy IT Audit service is designed for owners who recently purchased a pharmacy, switching pharmacy systems or in need of an IT upgrade for the pharmacy. This service is designed to audit and upgrade all technology pieces in the pharmacy. This helps with workflow efficiency, compliance and modernizes the pharmacy. Often we see pharmacies on non-compliant and out of date technology, especially after a pharmacy is purchased. Technology is often neglected in pharmacies, however it shouldn’t be for security and compliance reasons.

ConfigRX comes on-site and upgrades the technology at the pharmacy. This includes computers, printers, firewalls, routers, switches, modems, cameras, scanners, data and voice cabling and more.

Our Pharmacy IT Audit service starts at $7000 and we are on-site for 3-5 days. This does not include equipment such as (computers, cabling, hardware etc) Our price is only for us being on site and project managing the upgrade.

Our partner payout: We offer 10% of our IT Audit price as commission to our partners.

Marketing material: Online webpage

Pharmacy Logo Design

We develop modern and clean pharmacy logos. You can view our logo design work here. Logos are an essential marketing piece and should reflect a trustworthy image of the pharmacy. All of our logos come with free business card designs.  

We also offer logo re-design. A pharmacy logo re-design is great for pharmacies looking to re-brand their image. Our logo service also offers signage options.

Our prices start at $399 for logo design.

Our partner payout: We offer 10% of our logo price as commission to our partners.

Marketing material: Online webpage

Pharmacy managed IT Services

ConfigRX offers managed IT services for independent pharmacies. With over 8+ years of managing pharmacy chain IT we now offer this service to single or chain independent pharmacies. Our managed IT service is tailored to support small or large pharmacies.

The goal of our managed IT service is to ensure the pharmacy is operating a peak efficiency. We focus on technology uptime and compliance. We monitor all of the pharmacy technology including: Computers, printers, network, internet connections, firewall and the pharmacy data.

Some highlights of this service include:

  • Anti-virus and security for the pharmacy
  • Monitored and management of technology in the pharmacy
  • Disaster recovery options for pharmacy data
  • IT support
  • Technology consulting
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance
  • Network security

Why?: Our service is like having a full-time IT person at a fraction of the cost. We know what it takes to operate a pharmacy on a daily basis and the technology issues that the pharmacy staff encounters.

Our pricing varies for this service but starts at $375/mo for smaller pharmacies. Prices are subject to the amount of technology and workstations in the pharmacy.

Our partner payout: We offer $500 to our partners for each managed service client.

Marketing material: Printed “Managed Services Brochure” Front
Printed “Managed Services Brochure” Back
Online Website

Start A Pharmacy Package

Our start a pharmacy package is designed for business owners looking to start a pharmacy anywhere in the country. ConfigRX provides a hands-on approach helping owners from the beginning of their journey. We actually come ON-SITE to setup the pharmacy.

This services includes the following:

  • On-site technology setup (phones, computers, printers, scanners, cabling, network, IVR etc)
  • IVR consulting and setup
  • Cabinet consulting, design and setup
  • Pharmacy security (alarms, cameras)
  • Pharmacy telecom (discounted rates on internet and phone services)
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance regarding technology
  • Buy it yourself hardware – saves client money
  • Pharmacy Management System consultation (if applicable)
  • Payment processor consulting
  • Mobile app consultation
  • Prep for state inspection on the technology side (label, alarm etc..)
  • Remote access

Why?: Our service pays for itself. We often get discounts for certain vendors and telecom companies that we pass along to our clients, saving them thousands. Not to mention our “Buy it yourself hardware” saves additional thousands.

    Our pricing for our start a pharmacy package is $7000 that includes 3-5 days on-site.

    Our partner payout: We offer $500 to our partners for each Start a Pharmacy client.

    Marketing material: Online Website