Pharmacy Technology Consulting assists pharmacy owners with making business related decisions based on technology. In most cases a pharmacy owner is searching for advice on technology related items. For example: Pharmacy system, hardware, telecom, networking, analytics, data, compliance, audits and more. The consultant usually has years of professional experience dealing with such aspects of technology, and can accurately consult the client.

Why use a pharmacy technology consultant?

Many owners seek advice from consultants to run their pharmacy business. Below are some reasons why you should consider working with a pharmacy consultant.

Consultant’s know the industry and can help you make efficient and correct pharmacy decisions.

Many pharmacy owners seek the council of a consultant before making important business decisions. For example: What pharmacy system should my pharmacy be using?  Sure, you may have experience on ComputerRX but is that really the best choice for your pharmacy? Have you ever thought about all the add-ons included at no cost with PioneerRX like MedSync and Compounding? How about the central reporting, cloud services and the support of Enterprise RX for chains? Point is – every pharmacy system is different and they all fill a different role.

A pharmacy consultant will be able to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each major pharmacy system. There are some great things that each pharmacy system offers. A pharmacy consultant should be able to recommend a pharmacy system based on only a brief phone call.

Talking to a pharmacy consulting company can save you a ton of money

As consultants in technology, our goal is to make sure clients are not overpaying for what they currently are using in their pharmacy. Telecom for example: Most pharmacy owners are overpaying for their phone, internet and IVR services. A pharmacy technology consultant will be able to recommend ways to negotiate, change or replace services to save the pharmacy time and money. Do you know about Pharmacy software, VOIP or SIP technology for phones? What about Best Effort Fiber that offers great speeds, unbeatable uptime and affordable pricing?

Another example is Pharmacy System Hardware – computers, printers, scanners etc..Most owners believe you must purchase this through the pharmacy system. The truth is that you can buy this hardware yourself resulting in saving thousands of dollars. An added benefit of purchasing hardware yourself – the hardware lasts usually a few years longer. There is no leasing or renting your equipment with monthly fees. You own the equipment it’s yours.

Using Pharmacy Consultants to find and keep patients through technology

Has your pharmacy ever used your IVR services as an outbound marketing tool? How about using tablets/laptops at health fairs or when doing flu clinics? The fact is, technology if used correctly can elevate the patient experience with your pharmacy. Pharmacy mobile apps make it easy to request refills and check prescription stats. What about using technology to verify scripts remotely? Yes this is a thing. A consultant can recommend ways to use technology to reach patients and grow your independent pharmacy.

Multiple store owner? You should be talking to a technology consultant.

Multiple pharmacy store owners can benefit from technology greatly. Technology like site to site VPNs allow for secure communication between pharmacy locations. Another great benefit of owning multiple stores is bulk discounting. A pharmacy consultant can negotiate better rates for their clients when it come to monthly fees like telecom, pharmacy systems, purchasing, IVR and more.

Purchasing a Pharmacy – Technology Evaluation

When an owner purchases a pharmacy the technology is usually a mix of old and new technology. The network usually isn’t compliant with PCI/DSS. There are HIPAA violations everywhere and half the technology is slow. A pharmacy technology consultant can evaluate the current technology and recommend industry standard compliant equipment. A consultant will bring valuable industry insight when purchasing a pharmacy as well as alternatives. For instance, switching pharmacy systems is a major project. A technology consultant can prepare you for change management. How to approach the change and what to expect.

Starting a pharmacy – The right technology pieces

For owners looking to start a pharmacy a consultant can provide advice on which technology to use in the startup. Pick and choose what technology pieces would help the pharmacy grow over time. Using the right technology services to ensure uptime. Ensure the pharmacy owner isn’t overpaying for technology services like internet, phones, IVR, marketing etc..

ConfigRX is the leader in pharmacy technology consulting

We consult pharmacy owners everyday on technology. We have almost 10 years of starting, buying, selling  and operating independent pharmacies. Our goal is to ensure your pharmacy is using the correct technology, not overpaying for services and allowing technology to work for your pharmacy. If you think you are in need of Pharmacy Technology Consulting reach out to us. We are here to answer any question you may have regarding technology in your pharmacy.


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